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Musician Technician Entrepreneur

The Musician Technician Entrepreneur podcast interviews successful music
industry professionals to explore the paths and habits of “making it” in the 21st century music industry.
Brought to you by the Digital Audio Recording Arts at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, IL USA.

Mar 5, 2018

Today our guest is Frank Pappalardo. He is an accomplished audio engineer in both the studio and live sound from Chicago, IL. He’s worked with the Who’s Who list of world class artist. 50,000 career hours engineering, 300 album credits, 6,000 minutes engineering music television, and 60 live music DVDs. Best known for his 14 year tenure at Sound Stage on PBS. He also worked closely with Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys on his solo record, Imagination. Recorded and mixed the last Beach Boys 50th anniversary record and many many more. Come along with us as Frank talks about his work flow, techniques, gear talk, and the keys to being a successful
audio engineer.

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