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Musician Technician Entrepreneur

The Musician Technician Entrepreneur podcast interviews successful music
industry professionals to explore the paths and habits of “making it” in the 21st century music industry.
Brought to you by the Digital Audio Recording Arts at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, IL USA.

Jan 3, 2018

Joe Filisko reveals his love for American roots folk and blues music.  He explains the mechanics of the harmonica in an in-depth description of reed design, adjusting, setting and tuning the diatonic harmonica and how this manifested in the Hohner Thunderbird Harmonica that Joe contributed his expertise to.

Joe is also an accomplished artist who travels the world with his Blues roots duo partner, Eric Noden, whom he’s recorded four studio records with at Joyride Studio with genius audio engineer Blaze Barton. Joe discusses their approach to studio recording, gear, microphones, amps, and techniques.

Joe is also a dedicated educator who has taught for decades at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, IL USA along with teaching workshops around the world.  He also provides deeply researched harmonica lessons and teaching resources found on his website.


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The Musician Technician Entrepreneur Podcast is sponsored by the Digital Audio Recording Arts at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, IL USA.  Teaching students how to succeed in the music business by being a Musician Technician Entrepreneur while earning their Bachelors degree.