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Musician Technician Entrepreneur

The Musician Technician Entrepreneur podcast interviews successful music
industry professionals to explore the paths and habits of “making it” in the 21st century music industry.
Brought to you by the Digital Audio Recording Arts at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, IL USA.

Mar 11, 2019

Today we have Digital Audio Recording Arts alumnus Gabe Jaskowiak.  He has climbed the audio engineer ladder starting at the bottom as an intern and now currently a full-time audio engineer at the Chicago Recording Company. CRC is the largest recording company in the Midwest boasting twelve studios and the largest independent studio in the country. Gabe shares crucial real-life honest advice on what it takes to succeed as an intern at a competitive recording studio.


0:59     About Chicago Recording Company
2:25     CRC Internship
3:46     Internship mistakes
4:39     Listen and observe
5:32     Get along and do it well
6:57     Need more than Pro Tools skills
8:03     Intern applications
8:42     Intern etiquette
11:36   Pay attention to the assistants
13:46   Job security and freelance
14:51   Stress levels
16:04   Basic intern jobs
17:34   Pre-knowledge for an intern
17:55   Intern exams
18:34   Signal Flow
19:38   Interns fired
20:29   Schedule of an Audio Engineer
22:09   Ear fatigue
22:22   Screw ups
23:30   Serving the Artist
24:37   Be One Step Ahead
26:14   Don’t wait for people to ask
27:57   Who You Know
30:32   Session setup
32:52   How to start as an intern
34:10   Outboard Gear and consoles
35:02   Patchbays
36:03   Templates and Post audio
37:53   Working Long Distance in Post
39:51   Signal Flow
40:36   DARA Graduate          
41:34   Studio Setups for Music Sessions
45:32   Know your DAWs
46:09   Who Makes the Beats
46:40   No Fan boy
47:51   Method to pushing hard
48:39   Internship Structure at CRC
50:57   Reputation
51:30   Commute or Move
52:23   Live Sound
53:24   Freelance at CRC
53:50   Typical Post Audio schedule
54:55   Networking
55:32   Longevity of Large format studios
57:48   How to work steadily as an audio engineer
58:47   Plugins
59:59   Home setup
60:59   Outboard gear
61:40   Signal flow
63:34   Microphones
64:26   Internship no-no’s
66:02   Final Advice